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We’re partnering with MongoDB to reinvigorate a local MongoDB users group. Our aim is to provide a place for developers to learn more about MongoDB, a non-relational, open-source, document-oriented database.

Meetup discussions will focus on features, new releases, data modeling, schema design, and migration to MongoDB from other alternatives. Representatives from MongoDB; Clarity’s Senior Software Engineer and certified MongoDB professional, Mike Keith; and others will provide insights and share their experience.

MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database. Maybe you’d like to learn more about it? Join us! This group will be particularly interesting to anyone facing challenges with MySQL, Postgres, or Oracle options. Our meetup sessions will explore what MongoDB offers — a more flexible and scalable alternative.

All are welcome to the Baltimore MongoDB Users Group — new to the database program through expert. Sign up for the official Meetup group to stay informed of our upcoming tech talks and activities:

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