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Clarity is growing. As 2019 comes to a close, we are on track to increase our technical personnel by 25% for the year. During the third quarter, we named a Director of Cloud Services and a Director of Innovation. Both are inaugural roles, filled by current employees — Mike Keith and Ryan Hendrickson respectively. The new positions are designed to prepare us for sustained growth and the complex technical needs of our clients. In October, Clarity welcomed a Contract Manager, Tonya Artis-Johnson, to handle contract management and administration. 

A team effort

headshot of TJ Greenier
TJ Greenier
photo: Tatyana Goldman

I’m extremely proud of our team,” TJ Greenier, President, said. “Our growth and success over the past few years is a testament to our employee dedication and the impactful software solutions they provide to our clients. Clarity’s success is truly a team effort, we support and challenge each other to do our best and come to work every day ready to make a difference.”

TJ Greenier

Strategically advancing our capabilities

photo of Mike Keith
Mike Keith
photo: Laurie Keith

Senior Software Engineer Mike Keith has been named Clarity’s Director of Cloud Services. In his new post, Mike will provide strategic direction to the company’s cloud services partnerships and projects. He will stay informed of enhancements to platforms like MongoDB and Elasticsearch and identify opportunities for Clarity’s technical personnel to advance their training and certifications in modern cloud technologies, computing platforms, and database technologies. His leadership aims to broaden Clarity’s capabilities, contributing to new business and growth throughout the company. 

Driving innovation

Ryan Hendrickson headshot
Ryan Hendrickson
photo: Tatyana Goldman

Senior Software Engineer, Ryan Hendrickson, has been named Clarity’s Director of Innovation. Ryan will explore, research, and report on emerging technologies, trends, and methodologies that have relevance to the company’s work and the current and anticipated needs of its clients. He will also develop process improvements, driving informed and efficient operations throughout the company. Ryan’s work as Director of Innovation will help Clarity achieve the complementary goals of expanding its technical offerings and generating new business. “I’d like to identify opportunities within the company to bolster our depth of knowledge to help us win contracts,” he said. 

Expert management

Tonya Artis-Johnson

Tonya Artis-Johnson joined Clarity as our first Contract Manager. Her 18 years of experience in contract management and administration and specific expertise in reviewing and negotiating agreements will be essential as we look ahead to sustained growth in 2020 and beyond.

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