At Clarity, we are a dedicated group of technical specialists who love what we do. We bring successfully engineered solutions to our customers every day. We’ve built a team of some of the most creative, versatile, and driven programmers in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area. They are excited to help solve our clients’ complex challenges. 

We focus on efficiently solving these challenges by bringing a collaborative and lean approach to software and systems development. We use Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban, quickly and continuously delivering valuable software. Customers are involved throughout the process, ensuring that products and services meet needs.

Clarity Business Solutions and MongoDB

Cloud-based transformation is now a must-have for federal agencies. And, in partnership with MongoDB, Clarity Business Solutions is making that transformation easier for government agencies, particularly those that work in closed, air-gapped environments and that require security clearances for their support staff. Clarity Business Solutions and MongoDB are working together to support public sector clients.

Application Modernization

Clarity Business Solutions offers public sector clients a proven, iterative approach to application modernization. Clarity’s security clearances allow them to sit side-by-side with public sector clients when necessary, and Clarity has deep experience with the environments common to government agencies.

  • Clarity and MongoDB leverage a strategic process for analyzing legacy applications and modernizing and migrating them iteratively, rather than trying to update an entire system in a “big bang” approach.
  • This iterative approach allows clients to modernize without downtime.
  • Legacy and modernized systems can run in parallel for a period of time, enabling troubleshooting and increasing confidence.
  • Clarity and MongoDB combine the power of the MongoDB application data platform with Clarity’s extensive client domain knowledge. This partnership allows teams to focus on the application feature development and quickly get the data platform operational.

For more information download our Rapid, Predictable Modernization for Public Sector Clients solution brief.

Trusted Tier Support

Clarity Business Solutions and MongoDB are offering a concierge support service specifically for the public sector.

  • Trusted Tier Support engages U.S.-only technical staff, with appropriate clearances, to provide phone, online, or even on-site support for MongoDB government customers.
  • Trusted Tier Support provides continuity between call-in support and support offered by individuals with on-site clearance.
  • Clarity Trusted Tier Support engineers are tightly integrated with the MongoDB support team and can rely on the expertise of the broader MongoDB engineering organization while ensuring that all necessary details remain confidential.
  • Service-level agreements are twice the MongoDB published response times for commercial support.

For more information, download our Trusted Tier Support for Secure Environments solution brief.

Rapid Start

This new service helps public sector clients get operational with MongoDB as quickly and efficiently as possible. This intense, short engagement ensures the following:

  • Networking layouts are optimized and secured using appropriate firewall rules and TLS to encrypt all data in transit.
  • Data storage is set up to meet applications’ needs.
  • Backup and recovery are properly enabled.
  • Agencies have the proper guidance to achieve environment security requirements. For example, data at rest is encrypted according to client requirements through disk encryption and/or MongoDB’s encrypted storage engine. Data in use can be protected with client-side field-level encryption.

For more information, download our Rapid Start: The Power of MongoDB at the Speed of Relevance solution brief.



Design, development, & implementation using Agile methodologies. Delivery of powerful, scalable UX/UI, Enterprise Apps, & Data Flow using tools such as Angular, Node, React, & Typescript. Frameworks & languages include Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, & Spring.


Use of the biggest cloud platforms such as Amazon, Microsoft, & Google to help customers solve system scaling issues. Cloud architectures that provide on-demand delivery of data, analytics, software, & network capabilities.


Collection, analysis, processing, & transformation of data into usable & manageable data sets using tools such as Apache NiFi, ElasticSearch, Neo4j, & Machine Learning techniques to build solutions for ingesting, analyzing, modeling, & interpreting data.


Expertise in all facets of database technology — SQL-based platforms such as Oracle & PostgreSQL; NoSQL-based solutions, such as MongoDB, ElasticSearch, & Redis; & graph database technologies, such as Neo4j & Dgraph.


CI/CD & containerization using automation tools such as Gitlab, Jenkins, Bamboo, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, & Ansible. Collaboration, automation, & a variety of scripting languages are used to build, test, & reliably & efficiently release software.


High-Performance scalable solutions. Full lifecycle software development: requirements, design, development, integration, testing, & maintenance. Customer outreach & engagement.


Experienced Technical Management leadership team & process. Continuous Delivery, Lean Startup (iCorp), Kanban, and Scrum best practices to provide a controlled yet flexible Agile approach to manage technical projects. Communication and collaboration throughout to ensure program success.


Systems & software solutions to ensure operability, performance, & quality assurance. Expertise in performance, regression, & usability testing using both manual & automated tools.


Intuitive & dynamic interfaces optimized for ease-of-use, function, & experience. Documentation, training modules, & marketing materials to support rollout & adoption.