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Strengths of Relational Databases & NoSQL Solutions

So many data platforms, so little time… Which one is best?

Data streams all through our lives. Storage platforms continually evolve. Presented in March, TJ’s lecture provided an overview and comparison of relational databases and NoSQL solutions. Each has strengths, and choosing the right platform requires consideration of many variables. The talk shared strategies to use in determining the best platform. It provided a technical review of some common relational database options and included a discussion on transitioning to a NoSQL solution. TJ’s lecture covered key decision points in determining which platform is best depending on specific needs.

Through his presentation, TJ reviewed RDBMS options: Oracle, MySQL/MariaDB, and PostgreSQL and mentioned some of the NoSQL options, including MongoDB and ElasticSearch. He talked about RDBMS structure, schema, and transaction qualities. Next, he described how NoSQL allows for thinking about data differently and shared some of the benefits of the NoSQL database. Using MySQL and MongoDB, TJ demonstrated differences in uses of database platforms.

Students enjoyed hands-on examples and a question-and-answer period after TJ’s talk. TJ provided resume and job interviewing advice. The event was a success and an honor, and TJ is working with the iSchool to schedule another guest lecture — topic to be determined.

About TJ

headshot of TJ Greenier
TJ Greenier, Founder & President
photo: Tatyana Goldman

TJ Greenier has spent his career developing innovative software and technical management programs. He is an expert in agile software development, access and authorization, and auditing/compliance and has a passion for data and application usability. TJ has become an expert in data modeling, direct experience management and transitioning large legacy systems to modern data storage solutions. Most recently, he has worked to transition a large RDMS solution to a highly scalable and adaptable NoSQL solution, leveraging MongoDB and Elastic Stack.

TJ earned a B.S. degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and his M.B.A. from Pitt at the Joseph M. Katz, Graduate School of Business where he was honored with the Dean’s Outstanding Student Service Award. In 2006, TJ founded Clarity Business Solutions — it became his fulltime occupation in 2011. When he’s not managing or coding, TJ enjoys skiing and mountain biking.

photo of a woman working on a laptop at a deskphoto of iSchool students watching a presentation given by Bill Farmer and TJ Greenier