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Tatyana Goldman is a User Experience Engineer and Multimedia Designer at Clarity. Since joining our team last July, she has been busy building wireframes for a client. When not working on client projects, she focuses on creating graphic designs, materials, and presentations. Tatyana was integral in weeks of planning, design, and development for our new website, which we launched in March.

photo of Tatyana Goldman
Tatyana Goldman

What is UX & why is it important?

UX is essentially creativity meets psychology. User experience is all around us.”

Tatyana Goldman, User Experience Engineer & Multimedia Designer

Well-designed user experience is important because it helps guide users. “It creates ease of use,” Tatyana says. “UX is essentially creativity meets psychology. User experience is all around us,” she explains, adding that someone somewhere had to take a lot of things into account before deciding where the start button goes on a microwave. In the case of a website, for example, Tatyana points out that nobody wants links all over the place — sometimes, less really is more.

Pursuing graphic design

Tatyana has always been creative. As a young girl, she was sure she wanted to grow up to become a dancer — she had taken ballet as a child in Ukraine and still enjoyed dancing as a teenager. In time, her mom encouraged her to consider a creative career path that would probably be more practical. Tatyana became interested in animation and loved the idea of one day having a job at Pixar. When she realized that a rewarding career in animation could take years to develop, she leaned in to graphic design at UMBC, where she was a Visual Communications major. Before graduating with a B.A., Tatyana secured her first graphic design job. She has been designing ever since.

Creating all the time

Anything I do, I like to make it creative — even food on a plate.”

Outside of work, Tatyana enjoys lots of artistic pursuits. She is a photographer, films and produces videos, takes on graphic design and website projects, and she is into artmaking and crafting. Dancing is still one of her favorite outlets. “Anything I do, I like to make it creative — even food on a plate,” she says.

Photo of an artful plate of blueberries shaped in a heart with the outline of a fork dusted in cinnamon
A LOVEly dessert by Tatyana

Staying positive

Tatyana is always observing and taking in her surroundings. “I am studying all day every day!” In her mind, she reviews every billboard, street sign, and button on a website. An immigrant who came to America at age 9 speaking Russian and hardly any English, Tatyana is always open to new ideas and understanding more about people. “I want to learn more about leadership. I am very interested in psychology,” she says. If she hadn’t become a graphic designer, she might have pursued psychology. “I really like talking to people and getting to know their story. I enjoy helping people,” Tatyana explains.

Looking back, Tatyana would have advice for her younger self. She might tell herself: “not to work so much, to have more fun, enjoy school, and relationships. Enjoy those years to the fullest, spend more time outside.”

As we deal with COVID-19 and physical distancing, Tatyana is maintaining social ties and drawing on a positive outlook. “My coping mechanism is humor. I’m scheduling virtual dates with family and friends. I watch feel-good shows. I try to focus on the things that I have — I have a lot to be appreciative of,” she says. When she becomes overwhelmed, Tatyana gets into crafts and goes outdoors.

an oil on canvas painting by Tatyana showing a full moon over tthe ocean waves gently washing up on a beach
Oil on canvas painting by Tatyana

A selection of Tatyana’s number ones

Favorite color



Day-to-day activities, motivational speakers, the work of other artists, art galleries, museums, Pinterest, and anything in nature.

Favorite tools

Adobe programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere

Pencil and paper — “I typically sketch projects out with pencil and paper before I create anything on a computer.”


Tatyana loves working on a team. Generating ideas within a group fuels her, and she appreciates feedback from other creatives.

Her pets Bugsy & Cody

Visit them on Instagram for lots of heart-warming cuteness.

About our website

Tatyana’s favorite elements on our website are the intro video on the homepage, the quotes from some of our people, and the fact that all of the photos we used are of us. While working on the website, she enjoyed some extra creative freedom because we started with nothing but a template to guide site structure. Tatyana says the project provided the opportunity to learn a lot about WordPress and design for different user devices. In the future, she aims to add video spotlights to the site. Overall, Tatyana hopes that our website is unique and that it is an accurate representation of our company and culture.

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