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Clarity Business Solutions DoD SkillBridge Program:

Under the framework of the DOD SkillBridge Program, Clarity Business Solutions is able to host active-duty military members for skilled internships for up to the final 6 months of active-duty obligated service. We are proud to assist current military members in their transition from active duty to obtain jobs within civilian employment. 


Clarity has a unique opportunity to share our passion for application modernization leveraging the MongoDB data platform with active duty service members. This position provided in-depth and hands-on experience with MongoDB. MongoDB is the leading developer data platform, simplifies application development and working with data for a wide variety of use cases, scales globally, and optimizes for price/performance as your data needs evolve over time. Apply now to be a part of Clarity’s Mission Focused, Mission First, Mission Driven software development team.


  • 150-180 days of service remaining prior to your date of separation.

  • Have Software Engineering/Development experience.


  • Take the next step in your IT career while still receiving full Military pay and benefits.

  • Acquire tangible responsibilities and collaborate with intelligent and driven technical leaders.

  • Make connections with people across the industry.

  • Develop new career skills while working on mission-critical assignments.

About Clarity Business Solutions

Clarity Business Solutions, Inc. core service is providing practical software, data science and systems engineering solutions for our clients. We leverage the latest software engineering practices and technology in a collaborative and lean approach, allowing our engineers to efficiently develop innovative solutions to complex problems. Clarity excels at data platforms and has been a long time partner with MongoDB. Our engineers have years of experience, leveraging MongoDB features for our clients with a specialized focus on Government IT environments.


We’ve partnered with MongoDB to provide support for MongoDB’s complete line of products within the Federal, state, and local government workspaces.

Opportunity Description

Clarity Business Solutions is offering a SkillBridge opportunity to participate in a training program that will allow candidates to gain MongoDB certifications. We’re looking for candidates who are U.S Citizens and have an active government clearance of any level. Applicants should have experience developing and deploying software applications and should feel confident interpreting a variety of languages including Java, C#, Python, JavaScript and Ruby. MongoDB experience is preferred but not required.

What happens after you apply?

Applications will be reviewed with special attention to technical background and previous leadership or training experience. If you advance to the interview stage, expect to have 1 to 2 interviews, all approximately one hour. During the interview, we’ll walk through your background, development skills, skills related to MongoDB and dive into your professional knowledge.


A third and final interview may be scheduled with our partner, MongoDB. During this session, they will review your development experience, MongoDB experience, and ensure you have the personal skills necessary to be a consulting engineer.

Where to Apply?

If you are an active-duty service member and are interested in applying or would like more information, contact us:

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